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Lifestyle Asphalt Limited is able to offer you a complete service in roading and asphalt paving. From excavation, small drainage, and slotdrains, through to kerbing, basecourse preparation, and the final asphalt or chipseal layer. 
We can prepare your new driveway, or digout or refurbish your existing driveway. We can overlay your carpark, tennis court or footpath too. We specialise in asphalt surfaces however we can also lay a cheaper alternative - 2 coat emulsion chipseal. 

We have established a good relationship with both the Auckland Council and the Waikato District Council. We can meet your subdivision requirements by excavating and sealing your driveway entrance (crossings) to your new property. We work closely with your surveyor and are qualified to apply for Corridor Access Requests / Traffic Mangement Plans (CAR/TMP) and relevant permits from each council.  


To meet the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace, we have taken on many unusual and complex projects. Steep or difficult access jobs are no barrier to a beautiful driveway, footpath or any other paved area that you may want.

We are keen and ready to listen to your ideas and plans. We can find a solution so that you have a good quality drive, carpark or tennis court, on time and within budget.

While we do sub-contracting work for the big companies and councils, we are always happy to see the delight on our domestic customers' faces. The appreciation we receive when we exceed their expectations is worth more than the tonnage we may lay on a main road.

We have also completed a numerous amount of work for many local schools. Word of mouth is our best advertising and we work hard to ensure that we  maintain the high standard with which we were recommended.


We pave smaller areas by hand and we use a paver for the larger projects.

We may be called 'Lifestyle' but we do rural/residential, domestic/commercial. From footpaths to motorways! We can even arrange linemarking.

Lifestyle Asphalt Limited are proud to be leaders in its field with new ideas and trends. The latest trend is to colour co-ordinate cobblestone edging and bands into your paving, with your house or roof colour. 

We are proud of the work we do and are happy to provide a personal Guarantee for our workmanship and the quality of the products we use. This may be limited if the preparation work is completed by others but we will advise you if any previous work is not up to our own high standard.

Always remember, our quotes are to 'do the job properly' not just to get the job.